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  • Savoy Pearwood Humidor - HSAPAWL
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  • Savoy Pearwood Humidor - HSAPAWL - open
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Savoy Pearwood Humidor

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Savoy's Humidors excel at protecting your precious cigar collection. Their Spanish Cedar interior provides a fragrant and optimal storage environment. Additionally, the Pearwood veneer features a bright orange-brown finish with a soft matte texture and citrus hue that illuminates your cigar-smoking room.

These humidors are meticulously constructed with a precise seal that effortlessly maintains optimal storage conditions. With the addition of a removable tray and lock & key in the 100-capacity models, you can be confident that your cigars are safe and secure. And with an analog hygrometer and humidification element included, your cigars will always be stored in optimal conditions.

Available in three sizes:

  • 25 Capacity: 260.35mm L x 222.25mm W x 114.3mm H
  • 50 Capacity: 298.45mm L x 241.3mm W x 127mm H
  • 100 Capacity: 342.9mm L x 238.125mm W x 158.75mm H