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Metal Tube Travel Humidor

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When it comes to compact travel humidors that seamlessly accompany you on journeys big and small, this Metal Tube Travel Humidor is a true standout. Don't be fooled by its petite size; this sleek metal tube packs a punch, offering storage for up to four of your cherished cigars, accommodating various sizes with ease.

One of its standout features is the external hygrometer, allowing you to effortlessly monitor the humidity levels within the tube without the need to open it. This means your cigars stay in the perfect condition, ready to be enjoyed whenever you please.

The Metal Tube Travel Humidor's user-friendly design includes screw-off tops at both ends, ensuring easy access and straightforward maintenance. No hassle, just pure convenience.

Its eye-catching aesthetics with Cohiba branding are the icing on the cake. Vibrant orange and deep black accents or satin stainless with yellow / black trims infuse this humidor with a fresh and modern style that complements the satin metal finish perfectly. At the top, a striking orange ring adorned with a black and white grid design adds just the right touch of flair.

Prepare to bask in the compliments and envy of your fellow cigar aficionados when you bring out the Metal Tube Travel Humidor. Elevate your cigar game and order yours today!

  • Holds up to four cigars, depending on ring gauge
  • Approximately 8x2" external diameter
  • External hygrometer
  • Integrated humidifier
  • Satin finish
  • Black felt bag included