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  • Humi-Smart 69% | 60 Gram 2-Way Humidity Control
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Humi-Smart 69% | 60 Gram 2-Way Humidity Control

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Enhance your cigar collection with the cutting-edge solution from Humi-Smart. The 60 Gram 2-Way Humidity Control, ensures your cigars remain in impeccable condition thanks to the 69% RH. Proudly presented by Humi-Smart, a pioneer in humidity control technology, this product revolutionizes cigar storage.


  • Advanced Humidity Control: Humi-Smart's innovation guarantees ideal moisture levels for up to 50 cigars, maintaining a consistent 69% relative humidity.
  • Smart Indicator Card: Stay informed effortlessly. The included indicator card transitions from pink to blue, indicating the perfect time to replace the humidity control pack.
  • Premium Cigar Care: Preserve the flavor, aroma, and quality of your cigars, making every smoke as satisfying as the first.