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  • Boveda 72% | 60 Gram 2-Way Humidity Control
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Boveda 72% | 60 Gram 2-Way Humidity Control

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Achieve impeccable preservation of your treasured cigars by embracing Boveda's 72% RH humidity control solution. Specially designed for wood humidors, glass-topped humidors, and even drafty humidors, this product guarantees the protection of essential oils and sugars within your cigars. Indulge in worry-free cigar storage and savor every moment of your smoking experience.

Boveda's 72% RH humidity control is the ultimate safeguard for storing cigars with delicate wrappers like Cameroon and Connecticut Shade wrappers. It's also perfect for storing up to 1 lb of aromatic pipe tobacco, ensuring its freshness and enhancing your pipe-smoking journey. Upgrade your cigar and tobacco storage today with Boveda's reliable and efficient solution.


  • 2-Way humidity control
  • Maintain a respectable relative humidity with a drafty humidor
  • Usage: 1 x 60gram pack is suitable for upto 25 cigars