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Tera - Boundless

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The Tera by Boundless features two removable 18650 batteries, the unit can also be charged via USB. The Tera comes equipped with a concentrate mode; with an easy 3 clicks of the power button, the Tera will heat your concentrate to one single temperature of 500°F making it easy and efficient to use.

Meet our premium full-convection dry herb vaporizer. With enough power for a full day of use one can rely on the TERA to get the job done. It’s large stainless-steel air heated chamber allows for both dry herb and concentrate to be evenly & effectively vaporized without loss of flavor. There’s no need for sacrifice with the TERA you can enjoy ground dry herb and concentrate.

This portable device isn’t as subtle when tucked into a pocket as some of our other vapes, but it definitely travels well. It’s premium metal and curvy exterior, feels nice and solid in-hand. With a heat-up time of 20 to 30 seconds, you’ll find immediate relief whenever you are ready.

Removable batteries are another exciting feature of the TERA. Why would you need removable batteries? So you can ensure you’ll always have a strong charge no matter where you are. These batteries are powerful and keep the fun going for about 10 to 15 sessions. And when you need to recharge, never fear! You can just swap out already charged batteries, so you don’t have to wait several hours for the initial batteries to recharge.

The Tera is the mother of all portable convection heating devices with an isolated airflow path that ensures you’re getting the cleanest, smoothest draw possible. You’ll get to experience full-flavored, fluffy clouds in as little as 45-second heat-up time! With the Tera, you can choose between herbs and concentrates with the simple click of a button, and never run out of that tasty vapor that Boundless is known for.

The TERA is for anyone who is looking for a comfortable and consistent vaping experience. This device is also ideal for those who value micro-dosing throughout the day. The product cools in between draws, allowing you to come back to an unfinished bowl again and again throughout the day.

The TERA is incredibly versatile in the options available to you. With the convection heating and isolated airflow, you can be sure you’re getting a clean inhale. The TERA offers the opportunity of using a glass mouthpiece, a water pipe adapter, concentrates (with the unit heating up to 500 degrees), and plant material. Convection heating blows hot air into the chamber, thus creating that smooth vape.

The TERA is a solid piece that feels comfortable and substantial in the palm of your hand. While not ideal for tucking into your pants pocket, this portable device will do just fine to toss in your purse (and even survive a drop). It is only available in black and is a beautiful and effective product.

At Boundless, we love using water filtration with our vaporizers. This provides the cleanest, smoothest draw, and a larger inhale without the irritation. You’ll find a WPA made specific to the TERA in your kit, and the directions to use it. When you filter vapor through water, it cools the vapor down while also adding a little moisture to it, which allows for a much gentler experience on your airways.

Replaceable Components

We recommend stocking these items:

  • Tera Chamber Screens
  • Tera Glass Mouthpiece
  • Tera Mouthpiece Screens
  • 18650 Batteries and Chargers


  • Manufacturer: Boundless (USA)
  • Materials: stainless steel, silicone, plastic
  • Heating element: Stainless steel
  • Heating time: 30 seconds
  • Temperature range: 60°C - 230°C (approx)
  • Temperature control: digital
  • Battery: Dual lithium-Ion 18650 (external)
  • Charger: micro USB
  • Automatic shut off
  • Super powerful
  • Ultra fast heat up time
  • Charge via USB cable
  • High capacity chamber
  • LED display screen
  • Interchangeable mouthpiece


    • 120 x 40 x 25mm (approx)


    • 408 grams

    Package Content

    • Boundless Tera Dry Herb Vaporiser
    • Glass Mouthpiece
    • Water pipe adapter
    • Mouthpiece screens
    • 2 Lithium-ion 18650 2500 mAh Batteries
    • Stainless Steel Chamber Screens (x5)
    • Stainless Steel Mesh Concentrate Pad
    • Cleaning Brush
    • User Manual
    • Packing/stir tool